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Standardization is one of the key services provided by the French Steel Federation (FFA).

The French steel standardization service (BN Acier) is an integral part of the FFA which :

- coordinates the standardization activity for all the steel products manufactured by the members of the FFA ;

- is officially accredited by the Ministry of Industry and has a mandate given by the AFNOR (the French Standardization Organisation) to represent France at the European and international standardization bodies in its field of competence ;

- coordinates the French groups of experts in its field and is the leader of about twenty French standardization committees ;

- promotes the French practice on steel grade and steel products specification issues and related test methods in the relevant European and international standardization committees ; the staff members of the BN Acier are also chairman or leader of 14 European or international committees, sub-committees and working groups ;

- is strongly involved in the new areas of standardization that are of the utmost importance for the steel industry such as the safety features of the processing and use of steel (e.g. contact with food), scrap recycling as well as other environmental issues such as greenhouse gas emissions, life cycle analysis, etc.