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The French Steel Federation promotes the interests of its members through lobbying actions towards the main railway companies SNCF, Euro Cargo Rail and Eurotunnel.

In this context, Mr Georges Di Lallo is Chairman of the freight committee of the European Shippers Council, which is the association of the main European cargo companies with the main industrial sectors (chemistry, steelmaking, carmakers, and oil producers). He is also Chairman of the Transports commission of Eurofer (association of the European steelmakers).

Mr Di Lallo, Director Transportations of the FFA, deals with:

-   The French Ministry of transports

-    The French Ministry of environment and sustainable development

-    The European Commission

-    The European Parliament

-    The European political class

and he is in charge of the CCT (Transports Consultative Committee) with the attendance of the transports managers of the members of the French Federation of Steel.

Member of The Transport Committee of MEDEF, the administration coucil of AFWP (French association of wagons belonging to individuals) and the transport committee of French members of Parliament, Georges Di Lallo is also Chairman of the railway commission of COFHUAT (French Federation of Urban planning and land management) of public utility.